Nate Mell, Felt and Fat Founder, Shares Why Every Business Owner Should Get a Dog

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Day to day life as a business owner can be stressful, demanding, and draining, emotionally and physically. Finding outlets from the daily grind is crucial for mental and physical health, which is why many entrepreneurs are advocates of having a furry friend in their lives. 


Nate Mell, Felt and Fat CEO and ceramics entrepreneur, loves to be immersed in his creative work as an artisanal dinnerware producer. However, because no one only has good days, Mell finds relief from entrepreneurial stress by spending time with his dog, Potato. 


Dogs Can Improve Human Physical and Mental Health


Potato often accompanies Mell in his ceramic design and manufacturing studio at Felt and Fat, bringing much needed moments of joy throughout the day. Mell says that Potato helps him maintain a better schedule by putting a routine in his life. Talking Potato on walks or bathroom breaks allows Mell to take proactive breaks away from work and return with a positive attitude and a fresh mind. 


Dogs are wonderful animals to have in your life as they possess several benefits to emotional and psychological health. They can teach the value of self-care through the workday and into the week. Spending only fifteen to thirty minutes a day with a dog can relieve stress and induce happiness as their presence can spark calm feelings and relaxation. Playing with a dog has a positive mental effect as the action increases the levels of dopamine and serotonin in your brain. Dopamine and serotonin are neurotransmitters associated with delight and peace. 


While dogs contribute to happier moments, they also can assist in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Studies reveal that spending quality time with your dog, such as stroking its fur, can help decrease blood pressure, resulting in reduced risk for a number of various illnesses. And since dogs require daily exercise, they are a great way to make sure you keep up with your daily exercise, too. 


Caring for a Dog Can Better the Way You Run Your Business


Besides being your biggest fan and always greeting owners with a smile, dogs provide a multitude of various benefits to humans. They teach responsibility and how to care for and nurture something as they have needs that only a human can satisfy. That kind of skill development feeds into other areas of life, including a business. 


Dogs also open the door to a beautiful community of other dog owners, and it is beneficial for any business owner to be well connected in any type of community. Having a dog is proven to make humans more social. A group of scientists in the United Kingdom at the Universities of Liverpool and Bristol discovered that citizens of the United Kingdom who owned dogs are more inclined to approach other dogs and the owners present with them compared to other people who do not own a dog. This subconscious act is a great confidence booster for business owners who have trouble with socializing and networking. In addition, more Americans choose dogs over other common pet choices, such as a cat.


About Nate Mell

Nate Mell is the founder and CEO of Felt and Fat, a ceramic design, and manufacturing studio serving both professional and at-home chefs. Nate Mell started the Philadelphia-based company in 2014 after graduating from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University and working at the world-renown Philadelphia Clay Studio.