Nathaniel Mell, Founder and CEO of Felt+Fat, Expresses The Importance Behind Why Everyone Needs to Work in the Service Industry

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In a world where harsh realities have to be swallowed at some point in everyone’s life, it is essential to consider opportunities to better prepare for when those moments come, such as taking on a job in the service industry. 


Nathaniel Mell, Felt+Fat Founder and CEO, has a great appreciation for the service industry, as he once was a part of it and now works alongside it, serving both professional and at-home chefs. From his personal experiences, Mell exposes how working in the service industry can teach anyone a multitude of growth lessons that can benefit them immensely long-term in other areas of life.


Gain Experience Working in a Diverse Environment


When working in the service industry, you will come across all kinds of different people. Servers have to learn how to talk to anyone regardless of physical appearance or beliefs. Part of their job is to ensure that the individuals they serve have the best possible experience. The advantage of working in a diverse environment includes having the opportunity to expand your cultural knowledge, whether it’s through cuisine, the customers you serve, or your fellow employees. This experience will only better anyone’s communication skills in other settings, too. 


Learn to Appreciate the Art of Tipping


Have you ever given a bad tip? If so, you probably have not worked in the service industry. Tipping is a crucial part of any server’s income, and anyone who works in the service industry learns quickly how to appreciate the art of tipping. Because tipping is usually separate from a server’s paycheck, a required skill is learning how to manage your money. The reality for servers come in fast when receiving great tips one week and terrible tips the next, as a weekly income can unexpectedly fluctuate. 


Gain More Empathy, Patience, and Respect


The fact of life is that not all people are friendly, and servers know that better than most. There comes a time in a server’s career when they are forced to cater to an unpleasant customer with a smile. The service industry puts people in situations that teaches hard work, empathy, patience, and respect. Servers figure out how to grow thick skin while learning how people should honestly be treated- with kindness. 


Enhance Teamwork Skills


In the service industry, it takes a team to get the job done. Fast-paced environments that most servers are working in further help develop on-the-spot problem solving and productive multitasking. 


Learn How to Manage Time


If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, learning how to manage your time is essential to successfully owning a business. Working in the service industry will significantly assist your entrepreneurial endeavors by teaching you how to manage time. There is little room for error in the service industry, and unexpected problems are anticipated to be corrected immediately. 


“The service industry is a balancing act with time, and learning how to manage that time perfectly under the stress that comes with it will develop proactive skills to help any entrepreneur’s journey,” said Nathaniel Mell, Felt+Fat owner


About Nathaniel Mell

Nathaniel Mell is the founder and CEO of Felt+Fat, a ceramic design, and manufacturing studio based in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. In 2013 Nate was asked to design a set of plates for what would become the award-winning restaurant ‘High Street on Market.’ Since then, the Felt and Fat studio and team have grown exponentially through Mell’s leadership to become a go-to manufacturer for design-conscious restaurateurs.